We are working with WILD Conservation & Symbio Wildlife Park to bring you this special event.

This event is at the Zoo where you can enjoy visiting the animals with your family and friends. You can also get stuff signed by Veronica Taylor, meet her, get selfies, voice recordings and more ! 

We will have a Pokemon Booster Box live opening on the day as well. Where we will stream the opening on our FB page. We will also have a Safari Zone event.

Safari Zone event:
Everyone that comes to the Zoo for the event will be handed a special paper where it will have several different Pokemon Names/images on them. You have to go around the Zoo and find which animal we associated the Pokemon with. Each enclosure will have the picture of the Pokemon it resembles on the sign next to the animals. You simply write the name of the animal down. 

Once you have filled all of it out, you bring it to our staff and we will add you into the draw for some epic Pokemon prize giveaways.

She has done many other voices as well such as:
- Ash/Delilah/May - Pokemon
- Nico Robin/Young Sanji/Bellemere - One Piece
- Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh - Sailor Moon
- Ribrianne - DragonBall Super
- April O'Neil - TMNT 2003 movie
- and many many more ! 

This event is at Symbio Wildlifepark 

When: 13th December 2022 Tuesday
7-11 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Helensburgh NSW 2508
Time: Zoo opens at 9:30am, Veronica begins signing at 11am
We also have other activities on the day and plenty of giveaways.

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