PCA 1st ed Mystery Bags (Hobby Hangout special)

$25 per Mystery Bag and they consist of - 

- 2 modern booster packs & 1 raw card each mystery bag
- 1 in 10 chance of a Secret Rare/Alt Art/ Vintage Holo/ Chase Card
- 1 in 100 chance of a Vintage Booster Pack (English)
- There are cards such as Moonbreon, Vintage Zards, Hyper Rare Zards and much more !

The 2 packs will be 1 english and 1 japanese pack. 
The raw card will also be either a English card or Japanese.

This is our first every mystery bags so we are hoping you love these and we will continue to make them and improving our packaging etc. Will also have different variations and prices in the near future.

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